If hands-on volunteering is not your thing, you can help educate the community, raise awareness, and help us canvas neighborhoods to identify issues. 

Cat-room caregivers are the cool, calm, collected volunteers that monitor and tend to trapped cats pre and post surgery.

The transporter is responsible for making sure our cats get to and from the veterinary clinics safely and efficiently. They also have the important job of making sure cats are returned to the exact location they were captured.

Trappers are on the front lines getting up close and personal with our community cats. After administration has verified surgery appointments, it's the trappers responsibility to assemble, bate, and arm the trap.





There are many ways you can help and be a part of El Paso TNR. We are always looking for new volunteers to help fill any of our positions. 

Join the cause.

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How does the money get spent?

Every dollar that gets donated to El Paso TNR directly funds our ability to serve community cats. 


If you don't have the time, maybe you can help us in other ways.