• Keep in touch with us!
  • Leave food for mom and monitor her as she cares for her babies until they are eating solid food themselves. (5-6 weeks old)
  • Make sure they are warm first before feeding
  • If they are not yet eating solid food, they will need to be bottle fed every 2-3 hours. Do not give them cow’s milk​, look for Kitten Milk Replacement.

  • Kittens need to be kept warm and need to eat
  • These kittens can not survive on their own and will need to be fostered

In the event that Mom does not come back, we have some orphans.

Please contact the Humane Society of El Paso for more help on orphans.

*We are not a rescue organization*

Below are some tips to help during this time.​

If Mom did not return!

  • When the kittens are at least 4 months old or weigh 4 pounds, we can plan to get the family through our TNR program.
  • If they are still nursing, their eyes have not opened yet, and have little mobility, they are too young!
  • The kittens need to nurse on mom until they are at least 4 weeks old.

Great! Leave the kittens alone.

If Mom returned!

  • If they are in a dangerous location, move them to a safer spot very close by so mom can easily find them.

  • Check every couple of hours for 12 to 18 hours.
  • If the kittens seem content, mom will most likely come back.
  • Mother cats move their kittens often, so she could be in the middle of moving her babies from one spot to the next. If you move them, she might not be able to find them!

  • Do not touch the kittens.
  • Watch the kittens from a distance to see if their mother returns.

If you find kittens

Cats start having kittens in the spring up until winter. 

For our hot desert region, that is a long period of time...

and a whole lot of kittens!

*A friendly reminder* 

We are NOT a rescue organization

Below are some tips to help in the event that you find kittens.

Kitten Season